You are The Expert: Remind Your Customer in an Email Message

Yes, it’s important.

That Thing you want to share with your clients and your perspective clients in your email marketing campaign, it’s important.

I’m not saying it’s important to only You, I’m saying that Thing is life-changing to someone with whom you were sharing it.

Your topic, your focus, your next big “It” you feel is important to share and/or is relevant to your business could be absolutely monumental to your reader. And, no, I’m not overstating it.

We are all experts in what we do, and we did not become experts by

• doing it once

• reading about it once (or twice)

• seeing a YouTube video on the topic

We become experts by reading about it over and over.

Reading different authors.

Hearing lots of other experts talk about that Thing in which you are now an expert.

What we lose sight of is the fact that no one else has had the same experience as you, The Expert. No one has your personal perspective, and your personal perspective maybe the exact focus another person needs to be able to grab the reins and say “Giddy up! Let’s do this!” Yours may be the voice that finally breaks through to the reader.

There is a quote from Brené Brown that comes to mind:

Courage is showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Brene Brown

Courage to show up

For most of us, lack of courage is what makes us falter; it makes us stall.

We small business owners don’t see our hesitance to write a blog or send a marketing email to our customers as a courage issue.

We may see that we have a perfectionist issue, but we wear that as a badge of honor. Somehow our desire to be perfect has become an asset–or so we think.

If you were such a perfectionist that your work is never finished and your message never shared, how did that benefit you?

What’s more, how did that benefit your customer?

That’s right, it benefits no one when you are perfect and procrastinate to the point that the idea dies on the vine because you have other, more important, more urgent matters to attend to.

What we know matters, but who we are matters more.

Brene Brown

“What we know matters.”

Not to be repetitive, but you are the expert at what you do. The fact that you need to remind your customer of that is neither your fault nor theirs. It’s a well-documented fact that we are all in information overload every day. But your customer can choose and will choose to read your email marketing message when the time is right.

“But who you are matters more”

This is absolutely true and both of these aspects are keys to your success with your client

  • Your knowledge
  • Your humanity (some call this authenticity)

Use that combination to your greatest success. Share both your knowledge and your humanity with your customer, your client, to make the experience more meaningful and beneficial to you both.

If you are overloaded and overwhelmed to the point that you can’t make email marketing a priority, reach out and let’s see how Set In Motion Marketing & Media can show your customers your courage and your expertise.

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