Digital tactics are like rungs on the ladder

Digital tactics are like rungs on the ladder: each rung, each step becomes a nexus of growth, a way to stimulate action on the part of your intended audience and a path to increased visibility.

Each service line item below is a rung, a seed to grow your digital presence and a way to stay in touch with your current and prospective clients.

Social Media Management

social media management
As a consultant, a professional or small business entity, you have a great advantage over Big Business:
you actually know your customer!

You interact with your customer in ways that Big Business cannot. That personal interaction, be it online or face-to-face, strengthens the relationship and builds loyalty.

Whether you are visible now on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we can help you strengthen that customer relationship and do it consistently so you can do what is your own genius: that service, that product that requires your own uniquely, creative touch.

Set In Motion Social Media Rule of Thumb:

If you would not do or say a particular thing face-to-face with your customer, don’t do it online. Show your expertise to your audience but be authentic as well. That is not a contradiction.

If you need social media that reflects

  • your expertise and originality
  • your authenticity and your humanism

Reach out to us to see how we can manage your media channels while you are taking care of business.

Video Production/Editing

Here’s the reality: if you’re not online, prospects can’t find you.
End of story.

The fact is whether people search for your business by name or by something related to your business, your customers and your prospects should be able to find you, AND they should be able to discern from your website what it’s like to work with you.

So how does is this let-them-see-me principle relate to video production?

Let’s be honest: if you wanted to meet face to face with each new prospect , would you still have time to actually run the company?

No, I didn’t think so.

As people click through your website, they begin to form opinions. The best method is to show them what you want them to know and what they will experience working with you or buying your product.

And that, my friend, is where video plays a starring role.

video production

Video testimonials are the hottest asset on the digital landscape right now.

Set In Motion Marketing & Media can produce short, engaging videos of your customers telling your new prospects just how incredible you are to work with and how you have helped them move their own businesses to the next level.

Set In Motion Video Rule of Thumb:

Practically everyone has access to a webcam on one device or another. That makes it even easier for you to capture the enthusiasm and excitement your customers feel about working with you.

Make a list of the top three or four customers you would like to see on camera — those who have become your biggest, most loyal fans — and let’s discuss the next step in making their screen time a reality. That is to say, let’s ask them to do a video testimonial.

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


As a business owner, you talk to your customers every day, you know who they are, what they want and what they want to avoid. Given that you know so much about them, why does it feel so difficult to put the right copy together on your website? How do you tread that fine line between copy so full of jargon that even the search engines are confused and copy that is so elementary it annoys your high-value customers?

Set In Motion Marketing Search Engine Optimization Rule of Thumb:

One must remember, at all times, that there are in actuality TWO types of valuable customers looking
at your website:

    1. the client who wants to buy your product or service and
    2. the search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.) who hold the power to making you visible to the client listed in line #1.

And you thought SEO would be so simple.

You certainly want to make it easy for your human customer to read the information on the website pages. Hint: make each section brief and visually identifiable, making skimming the page an easy process.

And that same page must be fully readable by the search engines. Fully readable = keywords that identify your business and bring the business relevancy in the (algorithmic) eyes of the search engine.

But do you really need search engine optimization?

Maybe not.

If your plan is to drive traffic to your website predominantly through paid ads, then SEO should not be your highest priority. If, on the other hand, paid search traffic is somewhere down the road on your marketing map, then spending some time on SEO is worth the effort.

Can’t decide if SEO is necessary right now? I get it. There are so many moving parts on your business, it’s hard to be the expert on All Things Business. Drop me an email and let’s decide honestly what the priority should be right now to connect with the customer you want in the geographical location of greatest interest.

Email Marketing

Email marketing? Social media marketing? Can’t you just concentrate on one of them and call it “done”?
Simple is good….until it’s not.

I’m a big fan of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you-name-it. But…you don’t want to rely on each of those lovely and loving social media platforms to treat you right. It’s like dating. No, really it is.

Think about it. We are all dating those social media channels we spend so much time on. I call it dating because…yes, that’s right, we love them, we spend a lot of time with them and … they can change the rules and walk out on us without notice. [And, frankly, they do change the rules on us fairly often.] So why put all your digital eggs in one basket?

With Set In Motion Marketing you have found email marketing services for your small business, allowing you to get into the hearts and minds of your ideal customer.

email marketing

What I am saying is don’t make social media the only way you communicate with your clients and prospective customers. Email marketing connects more directly with your customer, no algorithm involved.

Whether you are launching a new product or service or keeping the customers up-to-date on new pricing, email marketing reaches their respective inboxes. If you’ve built trust with your customer, they will be waiting to see what you have to offer.

Set In Motion Email Marketing Rule of Thumb:

Don’t spam your best clients. Or even your worse clients. Share valuable information with them each time you email them. You are the expert in your field and your emails should provide that customer with the star-spangled information you have in your arsenal. Share, share, and share again. They will love you for it and beg to know more (and pay you for it).

And, if working on your business truly is your priority, and writing/scheduling/building email content is not what floats your proverbial boat, then let’s find a mutually agreeable time to discuss what I can do to take this task literally off your hands.

Blogging For You

We start writing at the age of 5 but it doesn’t seem to have made it any easier, does it? Or any more fun. Sometimes we are just too deep in the weeds to write coherently to our customer.

It takes clarity: clarity of who your customer is, what makes them tick and what makes them want to do business with you.

I like nothing more than to see your business from your perspective, and then build a story and a call-to-action that motivates your customer to move, and move in your direction.

I’m not a machine, I’m not a computer, I’m a human who likes to talk about business and reiterate it in the written word to communicate with your intended audience.

Set In Motion Writing Rule of Thumb:

Design/fashion/sketch out in your mind an avatar, one that closely resembles your most loyal customer. Write to him/her when you are blogging or writing that long-form article for LinkedIn, Forbes or your local newspaper! Making it personal makes it easier for us to tramp out of the weeds and see our objective more clearly.

And if writing to your avatar still doesn’t inspire you, connect with me so I can help you reach that customer who is waiting to meet you.