See How it Feels to Get Your Plans Dirty

To paraphrase my friend and colleague Anne Janzer who is able to coax meaningful words out of any aspiring writer, “[Making a video is] like [making] garden plans. Until you’re getting your plans dirty, you can’t be sure the plan will work.”

As with many things in life, you have to jump in and see how difficult AND compelling it is to swim to the other side.

Start with a kiddie pool–or in the case of the gardening metaphor — an herb garden, and attempt a safe venture.
In video vernacular that may mean you do a FB Live in a private group (like, private group = you, yourself, and your dog). See how it feels to “get your hands dirty” and only then take the next step to inviting others to watch you by going Live on your business page or personal profile.

Wherever the video resides, it can be shared easily across the same platform among groups and pages.
There you can see which pages or groups are most willing to engage and what the feedback is.
Now, get out there and dig in.